7 Signs you may have Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome – [WTF is wrong with me? Do I need help? What will help me?]

If you are reading this then I’m guessing, you’ve come into contact with someone who has bent your mind forwards, backwards and inside out. Yes, let […]

Can a narcissist change?

I hold to the theory that narcissism is not a condition but a mindset, behavioural and communication trait. Traits are ingrained into us. We are literally […]

What Does Narcissistic Abuse look like?

It is often mistakenly believed that victims are weak minded and easily manipulated but in my experience they target the strong, and independent type. However, what […]

Narcissistic abuse – Love Bombing

Love Bombing. Raising the target up on a pedestal. The intent is to groom the target to feel special and extremely valued. It’s purpose is to […]